About Waylivra

About Waylivra

About Waylivra

Waylivra is the only therapy licensed to treat FCS as an adjunct to diet in adult patients, in whom diet and triglyceride lowering therapy has been inadequate1

Waylivra injection guide

Watch a video about how to inject Waylivra.

Waylivra inhibits formation of ApoC-III1

In FCS, inherited LPL dysfunction prevents the metabolism of triglycerides (carried by chylomicrons) through the LPL-dependent pathway.2

  • Waylivra is an antisense oligonucleotide that inhibits the production of apoC-III by binding to its mRNA and preventing its translation.1
  • By reducing apoC-III, Waylivra removes an inhibitor of triglyceride clearance, enabling triglyceride metabolism through an LPL-independent pathway in patients with FCS.1


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